Brotherly LoveI was at my Father’s house the past weekend, Friday to this morning. My half-brother, who lives in England, was there visiting and I finally got up the nerve to share with him something I instinctively knew he would understand: the fact that I am gay.

He is of that persuasion as well, as he confirmed my suspicion to me when I talked to him, so it was pretty easy for him to accept and understand. It was the first time that we ever really connected as since the first time I met him, at the age of 13 I think, we never really found time to talk during my brief visits and then ofcourse he took off to England to pursue his career and to lead a much better existence (we live in Jamaica, figure it out).

Our talk was yesterday and we’ve talked since about my sickness, his current relationship, his gay friend that I had the mysterious coincidence of meeting over the net, and his passion, music. He’s glad, as am I, that he now has someone to talk to about this in the family as he hasn’t told his Mother and our Father yet.

He’s older than me and therfore has more experience and the wisdom that comes along with it. He’s an extremely busy person but I will look forward to the times when we can reason with each other, especially since we now fully realize that we have something in common.