Passing Through Front CoverJust finished Passing Through by Colin Channer, a Jamaican born author. It was good especially the way the stories were interconnected. He used a lot of big words though, and at times I couldn’t tell if he was being pretentious or just being naturally eloquent on a level that I have not reached as yet. Overall it was good. Its sensuality will definitely fog up your glasses, and the flow was decent enough to keep me hooked during those nights when the electricity was gone.


It reminded me of what I was missing from books I normally read, a taste of the Caribbean atmosphere, something I’m familiar with since I live in Jamaica. The beaches though, as he describes where some of the natives lived on this fictional island, aren’t that available to most people in Jamaica. Contrary to popular belief the average person in Jamaica doesn’t spend long Jamaican beachidyllic periods of time gallivanting on beaches. That is saved for the rich, the tourists, the occasional vacations we take and people fortunate and unfortunate enough to not have a normal job, if any at all, and happen to live near the beach.


Don’t get me wrong though we do go to the beach, but when we do it is not pretty as the ones cornered by the resorts. I don’t live near the beach so having the chance to go there is a treat. I live in what you would call a suburb near the capital of Jamaica, the dangerously sensational city of Kingston.


Anyway I’m going off key, Passing Through is really good and I just wanted to share that. To learn more about it go to:

Dan BrownI usually read fantasy books but now I’m being drawn more and more to books that are closer to reality. I don’t know if that is my way of Sidney Sheldontrying to hold on to reality so that I don’t slip into any delusions lol (yes my imagination is that powerful), but its what intrigues me these days. Books like Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress that I’ve read recently, and Sidney Sheldon books that I read way in the day; are what ground me.


Goodkind's Sword of Truth SeriesBut then again I’ve always believed that when a book is good it inspires, entertains and leave you wanting more, no matter what the genre may be (e.g. Terry Goodkind). Colin Channer has achieved that, taking Caribbean literature to a whole different place than I have ever experienced.

I have been in love with reading from before I can remember. My message to you is, pick up a book, you might be surprised and more importantly you might like it. There is nothing like it.