Just felt like writing something. I’ve been reading some blogs lately, especially on writing and books. It has shown me that my reading list is extraordinarily short compared to others and the fact that there are so many books out there to read. Read somewhere that you should try writing for atleast 10 minutes and type or write as rapidly as you can, write anything that comes to mind, just get it out. So here I am writing.

I won’t exactly write for 10 minutes but with the way my computer is going I probably will. Just wish I could get my hands on a better computer, a laptop preferrably. My computer was born in 1999, which makes it 7 years this December, 60 years in Computer years.

My mother’s married boyfriend is getting on my nerves. Seems that he just takes delight in telling me what I already know or what I know I should be doing. Yeah I know I’m lazy at times, but my God, does he have to say these things with that damn condescending smirk on his face? I know he means well but since lately it just seems like he takes pleasure in telling me what I did wrong and what I’m supposed to be doing. He’s making me very angry everytime he comes over here, cause I just wait for him to say something to to dampen my spirit. I always thought of myself as patient and tolerant but this guy is driving me up the wall. The fact that he’s screwing my mother and then going home to his wife is just the “shytcling” on the cake.

It been a long time now that they’ve been together, I suspect it started even before I noticed something was up. You see he just happens to be the husband of my mother’s boss and therefore has been in my life since I was born. I wonder if she had him on the side while she was with my father (he’s married too).

Makes me so angry. Need to vent, maybe some yoga, or maybe… sorry I’m rambling. Truh! @@#@#$$%$&^%*%ER! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Anyway just getting some crap out of my head. Just sending my trash into cyberspace. Maybe I’ll find something more constructive to write about next time.