Ne-yoI’ve been reading all over the internet especially on message boards, that the incredibly talented songwriter/ singer, Ne-yo, is gay. It was also stated that he would be announcing this in October’s issue of Essence magazine.

I don’t know if this is another ploy to further his album sales and publicity. If it is, its working. I love his songs and his videos and for the first time I actually googled him, just to show you that this rumour is working overtime, cause I rarely google artists unless they capture my attention.

Yes you read right, rumour. Atleast thats what they’re telling us it is on Apparently the writer who is reported to have covered the interview doesn’t work for Essence.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. They really played upon the desire of most black gay men out there to see a talented Artist such as Ne-yo representing the other side of the coin. Not true? Well I can only speak for myself then. I would love to see an black out-of-the-closet artist of my sexual persuasion as successful as the straight ones out there today.

The first time I saw that rumour my heart skipped a beat and I thought, the world is finally changing. I thought, at last someone I can identify myself with. But as it turns out, this was only wishful thinking.