Not so free yet

The net is so fun, especially when your computer and your… ahem… can keep up. Finding a lot of funny stuff on youtube, can’t believe I’ve never checked it out before. The video They are NOT Gay is so funny, among… ahem… other things.

Feel so trapped. I wanna go out. I don’t like lieing and I know that’s what I’m going to have to do if I go out with someone or to someplace that my mother doesn’t approve of. I mean its hard enough to find persons within this special family, not to mention finding places where we can be free. BTW if you didn’t know, I live in Jamaica. My country is currently in the top five in the contest for the most Bigot and Homophobic country in the world… but oh well life goes on.

Coming out of the place where you hang your clothes, is not really an option in this Country as you may have realised, so most persons I’m assuming think that I’m on the straight and narrow. I need to be independent. I can’t wait for the day when I can live by myself or even leave the Country (although that has its downside, cause Jamaica minus the homophobia, the poverty and the voilence is paradise).