Yoga OMG! I just realised I have 8 days left!

This last week has been good. Although the carnal desires and pleasure are still at the forefront of my mind, they no longer dominate me. I find I can now channel this energy I feel in my svadhistara chakra (basically my C**K) into my yoga.

I love yoga, but when this is over I am definitely not going celibate for the sake of my practice. I believe I will be able to balance it because sex and the relief it gives me is a must if I am to express myself with the one I love or more importantly, love myself.

I LOVE my body! No other way to describe it, and I feel thats one of the main reason it is now treating me so good. But after these 8 days are up… I am gonna LOVE it some more!

Anyway… again talking about it is stroking my very vivid imagination, so ’till next time…

W, X, Why? ZEDD