I have not written in so long its not funny. I stopped my finger and keyboard tap dance for awhile. I got distracted by the many things that life has to offer and the fact that I have become much more comfortable with my sexual orientation.
I have in many ways come out of my shell. Last year I began socialising with persons like myelf. Started going to parties, making new friends and even one or two enemies. Anyway, fact of the matter is I started to live again. As a matter of fact I started to live period. I have become much more confident. I am beginning to become fully cognizant of the beautiful Jamaican black gay man that I am and the fact that I have so much to offer.
I now have a job that I have kept for over a year now. Yaaay me! Yes my independence is well on its way. Not quite out of my mother’s house yet but am working on that. In the meantime I am not as restricted as I used to be. My mother now has let go just enough for me to have my own life. She now knows about my lifestyle and while she doesn’t agree with it she now atleast knows the truth. She can now stop bugging me about who my current girlfriend is.
In the past year I have gone through one on and off relationship, that I still have hesitations even )classifying as a relationship, and now see it as a learning experience as all things we go through in life usually are. My current relationship came out of nowhere earlier this year when I was about to bury my head in the sand and call it a year. Fun, energetic, ambitious, cute and hot to death, sexy…. oh damn I need to stop. Getting a hard on and that path leads to this blog being unfinished. Ahem… yeah 🙂 so I have a new man in my life and so far so good 🙂
So love, work, growing as a person…. what have I forgotten. Oh yes! I can now officially call myself a University Student. Studying part time to become a future hacker and gay porn site web administrator. LOL! I kid! I am doing my degree in computing and loving every minute of it. Yes the stress and the glory, the good marks and the… well I don’t get those 🙂
Life is good. Can’t complain. I am now trying to squeeze one more thing unto my plate and that is my writing. For now its my little secret between you and I. This is the medium I provided for myself last year to kind of keep intouch with this side of myself and I have now decided to get back on the little black horse. Allowed him to kick me off last year but am back bitches! So I am gonna be riding on and off. Rambling here and there.
By the way this blog is purely theraputic for me mself and moi so yeah I hereby apologise from now for bad grammar, spelling, fragmentation and any other bad writing errors you can name. Am just pouring ma thoughts out…. hmm.. I guess you can call it my online diary so to speak…
Anywho… am out. Well out to the Jamaican gay community and to my Mom… but yeah 🙂 … bye 😉