Hmm… am at home propped up in ma couch, taking in some brain mushing tv. Should be studying but yet here I am. My knack for pulling off the magnificent at the last minute seems to be coming in handy these days. Last minute cramming for tests and last minute compilations of projects seems to now be my forte.

Got a promotion recently. Loving it. I will be making the same amount of money in half the time. More time for school work so hopefully by summer when the half time working hours kick in I’ll have much more time for school and extra curricular activities :).

My writing has ofcourse taken a backseat but hey am not slacking off for a whole year again. So am here yet again with my signature rambling.

Am about one year deep in my relationship. I love him. Not sure what that means, but I know how I feel. I love him.

 Its true though that relationships, good relationships, take time and alot of work. Nothing is perfect and although we have some truly awesome times between us… hmm.. really good times :), there are times when he just gets on my nerves. Self involved, bitchy and a narcissistic ego that never quits. Sure, I signed up for it all. He’s hot, a model. I expected it. So that at times has me thinking extreme thoughts: Kick this bitch to the curb, you can do better.

But… he makes up in so many other ways. For the rare times the bitch in me actually came out I see it in his eyes. His love is real. Scary real. It makes anything else that may take away from what makes us good for each other, pale in comparison.

Is it wrong to want to see that look so much that nothing else matters?

The chemistry we seem to have is so strong that even in a culture like this, where our love is taboo,  I can see when he for a moment forgets where we are. We’re walking in a public place and he unconciously gets too close to me. Face just a lil too close to mine. Body brushing just a little too close than normal. Ofcourse it happens to me as well. In a culture such as this it is certainly taboo for a guy to be feeding another guy soda through a straw at Burger King. I did it anyway because I love him. I did it because I crave that look, that touch.

I am trying my best to be careful though. I’m not stupid. But I’ll be damned if this country takes away my chance at happiness. The chance of holding the one I love till he falls asleep, as he recovers from our extra currcular activities 🙂