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                         2 second rule

Trying to resistEverything going good so far. Caught myself going for the crotch a few times, but everything is cool. The cute hot guys seem to catch my eye too much now it seems, but with years of practice and the 2 second rule (never stare for more than 2 seconds) its all good.

Don’t know if there is any increase in energy or any change cause I have gone a whole week before strangling the chicken. Hopefully I won’t be having any public erections… who am I kidding I probably will, cause on a normal basis the bus vibrates vibrates me a little too well and I get an erection. Yeah, yeah I know, I’m turned on too easily. Things like that make me wonder if I couldn’t pull off the physical part of a heterosexual relationship… after all people already think I’m in one.

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Oh well, apart from the whole abstinence thing my health and fitness seems to be in Offergood shape these days. Don’t know if I wrote it here but I had lost about 50 lbs after being on meds for a while (see first few posts for clarification). Finally getting back to the body I had before and noticably turning a few heads on the street, especially since I started working and working out again since people have been saying that I’m killing the whole shirt and tie look. Anyway enough vanity.

Ha! Looks like I’ve replace stroking my magic wand with stroking my ego.

Anyway, life seems good if I just focus on the positive… even in this country. The last Harry Potter book comes out on Saturday, 21st July 2007! Seems a long way off but its something to look forward to…


W, X, why? Z3DD


Passing Through Front CoverJust finished Passing Through by Colin Channer, a Jamaican born author. It was good especially the way the stories were interconnected. He used a lot of big words though, and at times I couldn’t tell if he was being pretentious or just being naturally eloquent on a level that I have not reached as yet. Overall it was good. Its sensuality will definitely fog up your glasses, and the flow was decent enough to keep me hooked during those nights when the electricity was gone.


It reminded me of what I was missing from books I normally read, a taste of the Caribbean atmosphere, something I’m familiar with since I live in Jamaica. The beaches though, as he describes where some of the natives lived on this fictional island, aren’t that available to most people in Jamaica. Contrary to popular belief the average person in Jamaica doesn’t spend long Read the rest of this entry »

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