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I am finally going over to the darkside and joining my already hip friends in the bb zone. For some reason the bb craze has finally caught up with me. The fear of losing another high-end phone to robbery has subsided and I am salivating at the prospect of owning my own “crackberry”.

I say “crackberry” because I know that am gonna get addicted. There is just no doubt in my mind. If a normal flashlight nokia phone can sustain my texting urges for so long imagine what a blackberry can do?

Now I am not one to follow trends but the crackberry movement has held on to me, and trust me the blackberry culture in Jamaica is big. Facebook will never be the same. Hopefully I can control it well so that my school work will not be affected. I know my job won’t be affected because it’s highly restrictive there but we’ll see cause I have a knack for doing things under the quiet.

As for my debate between the pearl or the curve. It has been settled. I tried out some of my friends bbs, pearl and curve. After extensive research I found out that the only real difference between the two phones was the fact that the pearl was smaller, has a smaller screen, and doesn’t have the full qwerty keyboard.  Typed with the pearl and curve as this is essential in the relationship with my phone. The pearl felt scrunched and a little strange at times with how the letters were placed and I found myself adjusting very quickly to the curve.

I finally decided my days of T9 texting should be over and so settled on the curve. While suretype, T9’s prettier sister, would have surely been a step up, I decided it wasn’t too far up a step.

There were other little things that helped to make up my mind as but am not sure how true those facts and therefore will not post them, until I have the curve in my hand and can make a comparison with my friends’ pearl.


So the blackberry curve 8320 it is. Its not the javelin or the bold but it will do.

So my new red blackberry curve 8320 arrives on Monday and i am super excited. I haven’t even received the phone as yet and I am salivating. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I am this excited over a phone again… It’s been a while.

It’s a little over a year for a review of such an old model but hey my pockets aren’t that deep. Anyway, so watch out for my review of the red blackberry curve 8320. Who knows maybe I’ll write my entry from the bb itself.


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